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Gray Maynard, Aaron Simpson Go Back and Forth on Twitter

Gray Maynard and Aaron Simpson engaged themselves in a lengthy Twitter battle Friday night over wrestling. Both were standout Div. I college wrestlers, with Simpson earning All-American status twice at Arizona State University and Maynard being named All-American three times at Michigan State University and earning three Top-8 finishes at the NCAA meet.

It all started when a fan posted that Simpson was his favorite welterweight fighter and Maynard his favorite lightweight.

Maynard wrote back, "I would prolly tech fall aaron in folkstyle." That brought the likes of Frank Trigg and Iowa State University wrestling coach and former Olympian Kevin Jackson into the discussion.

Simpson posted, "Gray was 3x AA. But, I probably toss him and pin him. Seriously, little guy? You're small, weak and have no vertical. Beat it nerd." Maynard said, "all I need is a (expletive) singlet," to which Simpson responded, "Seriously, I'd beat the (expletive) outta you in wrestling."

Travis Paulson, a former standout wrestler at Iowa State, made a push for the two to settle their differences during intermission at the Iowa vs. Iowa State dual this year.

Later in the evening, as he continued to answer questions from fans, Maynard was asked if he could fight one historical figure (living or dead), who would it be. He replied with, "I would fight (Simpson) right now."

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