Graphic Video: Bull Gores Matador Fernando Cruz in Madrid

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When you mess with a bull, you get the horns. Seriously, if you’re somebody who messes with bulls on a regular basis, you’re going to inevitably get the everloving stuffing gored out of you at some point in time.

That’s the lesson that Fernando Cruz, some random matador, learned the hard way recently. While doing an event in Madrid, Cruz needlessly taunted a bull with a nifty little cape, probably feeling like the toughest dude on the planet for all of five minutes. As it turns out, though, the bull was pretty tough, too.

In response to Cruz’s provocation, said bull went ahead and inserted its horns into his stomach and thighs. He’s still alive, apparently – but he’s probably seen better days.

Here is attack as it happened via Sportress of Blogitude (Warning - it’s graphic as hell):

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The lesson here? Don’t do stupid stuff.

(Kudos NBC Sports, Sportress of Blogitude)

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