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Grant Hill Thinks Steve Nash Joining the Lakers is Like Going from Duke to North Carolina

Steve Nash and Grant Hill both played for the Phoenix Suns last year. This summer, when given the option to bolt for greener pastures, both opted to do so. Nash wound up going to the Los Angeles Lakers in a trade that he admittedly pushed for, and Hill signed with the Los Angeles Clippers following a lengthy courting from the Lakers and New York Knicks.

Their situations, by any reasonable measure, are pretty much exactly the same.

…to everyone except Hill, apparently.

During a recent interview with Paul Coro, Hill insinuated that Nash joining up with the Lakers was some sort of traitorous action because of the teams’ recent history.  

“That’s like transferring from Duke and going to Carolina,” he said.

Really? The Lakers and Suns haven’t been rivals since Pau Gasol’s arrival. That’s just a statement of fact. There hasn’t been any sort of Blue Devils-Tar Heels dynamic at work in years. Nash’s move wasn’t even remotely akin to a player transferring from Duke to North Carolina.

And what makes Hill’s statement all the more absurd is that he too moved to an in-division rival this summer. Seeing as the Lakers are probably going to lock down the top seed in the Pacific in 2012-13, really, Hill’s move to the Clippers is far more treacherous because it’ll likely be his squad that keeps Phoenix out of playoff contention, not Nash’s.

(Kudos SLAM, Paul Coro)

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