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Wayne Blackshear Has Big Fans in Pat Quinn, Bears Urlacher

Wayne Blackshear is a stud, or ‘freakin stud’ as Steve Kragthorpe would say. Earlier this season, the 6-5 shooting guard from Chicago excited the Cardinal fan base when he went for 56 points, 21 rebounds, 8 blocks, and 7 steals. Last night, Wayne had a fairly tame outing, only going for 40 points and 11 rebounds.

However, it was who he did it in front of that was really impressive.

Playing in a holiday tournament in Chicago, Wayne impressed two people in particular in attendance: Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn, who’s brother John coaches the team Blackshear faced off against, said afterwards, “I hope Wayne Blackshear is playing for the Bulls someday.”

You can understand why Gov. Quinn was there, but why was Urlacher in the stands?

Well, it turns out Blackshear and Urlacher are friends. They met through a mutual personal trainer and Urlacher promised Wayne he would come watch him play sometime this year.

Of Urlacher’s appearance, Wayne said, “”I didn’t know that he was going to come tonight. But he did say he was definitely coming to one of my games this year.” 

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the Governor of Illinois and future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher are fans of Wayne Blackshear. Personally, I cannot wait to watch this kid play.


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