Goodell Aims For Reworked NFL Discipline Policy By The Super Bowl

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held his first press conference in nine days this afternoon. Goodell vowed during the conference to revamp the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

“There will be changes to our personal conduct policy,” Goodell said. “I know this because we will make it happen. Nothing is off the table.”

Goodell said that he and league executives will consider reducing his power to punish players who violate the league’s policies. For years, much of the public has said the NFL should use a neutral third party to decide player punishments.

Goodell said the league aims to have a new policy in place by the Super Bowl. The embattled NFL commissioner declined to elaborate on specific changes the league will enact. He simply promised that changes are coming.

Goodell also addressed the ongoing Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations during the conference.

On Rice’s punishment debacle, Goodell said “I’m not satisfied with the way we handled this from the get go… I made a mistake.”

Regarding Peterson, Goodell said “What we see so far is tragic. It’s hard to look at.”

The other noteworthy bit of information from the conference is that the entire NFL will be put through domestic abuse educational training in the coming months.

“NFL teams and league staff will participate in education sessions starting in the next month, followed by training programs,” Goodell said. “These programs are being developed by a top group of experts."


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