Good News: The USFL is Back

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The USFL is back. The first time around in 1983, the United States Football League launched with some real punch, legitimizing itself as USFL owners signed college stars like Doug Flutie, Reggie White, Steve Young, Jim Kelly and Herschel Walker just to name a few. These were players the NFL wanted and the USFL was able to woo them away by giving them big-time contracts.

While the league was a success on the field, the leagues finances were not as the NFL kept the pressure on making certain that the competition was squashed. After just a few seasons the USFL sued the NFL for anti-trust laws, and though the new league won, it was awarded just $1 dollar in damages. Soon after, the USFL folded as the NFL withstood a third another challenge to its monopoly, (though the second reincarnation of the AFL forced a merger in the late 1960s).

Now, the USFL is making a comeback, but unlike last time, it’s not going to serve as a direct competitor to the NFL. This time, the league will be designed to be more of a developmental league that will begin in next March. In essence, the USFL will compete in many ways with the UFL which seems to perpetually be on the verge of shutting down anyway.

Our Mike Damergis caught up with new USFL CEO/Pres Jaime Cuadra who who talks about the March 2013 kickoff, possible city locations, rebirth of old USFL nicknames and former NFL player involvement…

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