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Good News: Only 5, Not 82 TCU Football Players Failed Surprise Drug Test

If you’re a football coach and five of your players fail a surprise drug test – that’s bad news. However, for TCU head football coach Gary Patterson and other various university officials, a mere five players testing positive for marijuana after a surprise Feb. 1 drug test is probably a pleasant surprise.

On Wednesday, four TCU football players were arrested as part of a far-reaching, six-month joint investigation by the Fort Worth and TCU police departments. Two of the four players involved, Tanner Brock and Devin Johnson, were quoted in affidavits as saying that they and a bunch of other players on the team had been caught off guard by the drug test that coach Patterson had sprung on the team to start February. So surprised, in fact, that they believed anywhere from 60 to 82 people failed it.

As it turns out, they may have overestimated their ability to allegedly peddle weed to their teammates. According to the Star-Telegram, five people failed the drug test and 11 "had trace amounts within the margin of error.”

So what does this mean for TCU, big picture? It means that they just dodged a major bullet and may not be in anywhere near the amount of trouble folks thought that they were in. Four members of the football team selling drugs? Bad. Five players failing a drug test? Bad. But given the catastrophic levels of disaster that the program was facing based on the affidavits yesterday, in the grand scheme of things, this pretty much nothing.

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