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Good News Auburn: Kristi Malzahn is Back

Now that Gus Malzahn has returned from the remote outpost of Jonesboro, Arkansas and taken over at Auburn, his time in the public eye will jump up a few dozen notches.  This also means his wife, Kristi, will get the chance to say more wonderfully crazy things on TV and radio.

So, any television producer in southeast Alabama/southwest Georgia worth his or her salt, here's your chance to put out a show that gets you on the fast track to Mobile or Montgomery.  All you need to do is have Kristi Malzahn and friends host the Auburn-Opelika version of The Today Show.

While I can't take credit for this idea, as it was the great Rick Muscles who suggested she host the Auburn version of The Today Show, I thought it would be a nice touch if she were joined by Tammy, a frequent caller to Paul Finebaum's show, former Auburn coach Pat Dye, and current only Auburn coach Trooper Taylor.

Topics to be discussed during the first week include what players Kristi has already grown to love, Tammy's recap of what Finebaum talked about the day before, whether or not Trooper wore pants in the coaches' offices while he was the only one there, and all the times Pat Dye lost his pants around the lakes of the state of Alabama.


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