Good Guy Paul George Donates Hundreds Of Jerseys To His Old High School


It’s safe to say that Paul George is a legend at his alma mater Knight High School in Palmdale, California. Any athlete who turns pro is immortalized around their old stomping grounds. But his popularity at Knight High has no doubt reached new heights after he showed up yesterday and donated hundreds of jerseys to students and faculty.

Several people at the school took to social media today and showed off their cool new garb. A few of the pictures make it clear that George didn’t just donate a couple of jerseys, but more like a few hundred.

Check this out:

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It was originally thought that George bought out all of his old number 24 jerseys from Adidas so that he could change his number. George announced recently that he’ll be donning the number 13 next time he’s on the court, and NBA rules sometimes require players to buy out old merchandise to avoid confusing consumers. But, as ESPN reported earlier this week, George beat the deadline that would have required him to do that.

It seems like George did this all out of goodwill, which is pretty awesome. 

As for how George is recovering from his gruesome leg injury, coach Frank Vogel says he is in "good spirits."

"He's in really good spirits," Vogel said in a press conference this week. "He's frustrated he's not able to play this year. It's going to be a tough process recovering from this, but he's encouraged that a full recovery is expected."

H/T: SB Nation


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