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Colts' Anthony Gonzalez Unhappy with Team?

I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but this link deserves a front page airing.

Anthony Gonzalez had some vague quotes in today's Star. The first is about his role in the offense:

"What I wanted and what I was promised was an opportunity to compete for a job,'' he said.

Did that not occur?

"I don't know,'' he said. "All I wanted was what was promised to me. I'm not sure either way that it did.

"I'm probably not the person to ask, really. Whether a job is open or competition takes place, is something that is determined by coaches, not players.''

That sounds like he's not happy with whatever his role will be in the offense, at least to start the season. In the long run, talent will win out, and Gonzo will be on the field. Still, from those quotes, it's seems clear he didn't get the job he wanted.

The second quote is even more unusual:

The team's initial depth chart lists Gonzalez as its punt returner."It's possible,'' he said. "I have no idea.''

Wow. That means one of four things:

1.  Devin Moore is the punt returner and the depth chart is inaccurate (most likely).

2. The Colts have done a horrible job of communicating internally (unlikely)

3. The Colts are trying to play games to throw other teams off track ( anyone worrying about the Colts' punt returner?)

4.  Gonzo is the return man, but is being petulant about it (I'm not buying that either).

No matter what, this situation deserves watching.  Bob Kravitz seems like he's trying to create a controversy (because those give us something to talk about) at the end of his piece on Melvin Bullitt:

At the same time Bullitt was talking about his return to backup status, receiver Anthony Gonzalez was at the other end of the locker room, quietly questioning his role on this team. Let's just say, he didn't sound like a guy who has been told he has unseated either Pierre Garcon or Austin Collie.

Asked if the coaches delivered on various promises, including letting him compete for the starting job, Gonzalez said, "I'm not sure either way that it did."


Stay tuned.

Listen, if this is what passes for discontent in the Colts' locker room, I'll take it. These quotes are as mild as milk, especially because we have no idea what Gonzo's role will be. There's a reason for that: The Colts play perhaps the biggest game of the season on Sunday. How do the Texans prepare for the Colts' offense? They have no idea who will be on the field. They have no idea what the personnel groupings are. Gonzo, Garcon, and Collie are all very different players. For all we know, this is just typical Indy misdirection designed to confuse the Texans.

It's rare that such a key game is taking place in week one. I don't remember a season opener like this since 2004. I don't think we should jump to any conclusions about anything until after Sunday.


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