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NFL: Jeff Fisher to Eagles?

After the Tennesse Titans relieved Jeff Fisher of his head coaching duties last night, NFL’s formerly most tenured coach is on the market.  Would he have any interest in returning to Philadelphia to fill the void at defensive coordinator?  Before you go getting all crazy on me, just consider a few things.

Fisher was the secondary coach followed by defensive coordinator for Philadelphia under Buddy Ryan.  He was in line to step up as the lead guy in Philadelphia prior to the birds making a great call on Rich Kotite.  Who isn’t fond of THAT guy?  Nobody rocked the flat brim, coke goggle, jew-fro, starter jacket ensemble quite like Kotite.  But I digress…

During their time together in Tennesse, Fisher and new hired defensive line coach Jim Washburn had become pretty close friends.  Some have said they are BFF’s.  I don’t know them personally,  but rumor is that they would often take turns trying to trip up Vince Young with random Wonderlic questions.

In all seriousness, they have worked together for years and are quite accustomed to each other.  Speculation has already run rampant about what the addition of Washburn means for Albert Haynesworth.  Would it be more then speculation if they added Fisher as well? 

According to ESPN’s John Clayton,  Eagles head coach Andy Reid mentioned earlier today that  he has “closed the defensive coordinator job.”  Oh really?  Because I didn’t see anything come through the wires.  Hey big guy, when you hire a DC, then it will be closed.

Just sayin’… don’t rule it out.


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