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Golfer Paul Azinger Gets Weird on Twitter After News of Andrew Breitbart’s Death

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The death of conservative icon Andrew Breitbart has left a lot of people understandably upset. Regardless of whether you agreed or disagreed with the man’s philosophies, a life lost is a life lost and peoples’ deaths should always be treated with a certain level of respect. Sure, Breitbart himself didn’t exactly subscribe to that philosophy, but still.

All of that being said, regardless of how upset the death of a particular person makes you, athletes should know by now that getting into back-and-forth battles with fans and trolls on Twitter is a losing proposition. No matter what happens, no matter how salient a point you make – you inevitably lose. Following the news of Breitbart’s passing, here is what 12-time PGA Tour winner Paul Azinger posted on his Twitter account:

RT @JerryArk@PaulAzinger You just gave me a thought. If Global Warming is going to take a while to kill us off, maybe we'll evolve to cope.

Liberals tweeting me, saying the right spews more hate! Really? Shame you didn't evolve to be better than that then! #2WrongsDontMakeaRight

RT @RodDMartin RT @breeannehowe: I don't have it in me to look at what the left is tweeting right now.>>Heartless,angry insensitive,haters

All U need to knw bout liberals on twitter. Readng uncaring hrd heartd hate being spewd while wife, children mourn lose of @AndrewBreitbart

Clearly Breitbart’s death shook Azinger up, and that’s fine. But that’s also all the more reason for him to stay off Twitter. Again, the role of sports fans on social media is pretty much strictly to antagonize and mess with athletes that they view as vulnerable at that given point in time. Any athlete expecting compassion when a figure as controversial as Breitbart dies is delusional.

Then again, a quick review of Azinger’s earlier tweets where he argues about evolution, global warming and an assortment of other topics makes it look like he loves this sort of stuff. So in retrospect, maybe arguing with folks on Twitter over Breitbart and expressing faux sadness is exactly what he was aiming to do.

(Kudos to Deadspin for the find)

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