Golfer Daniela Holmqvist Gets Bitten by Black Widow, Plays Through It

Golfers may be tougher than we think.

Case in point: Daniela Holmqvist.

Holmqvist, 24, was playing in a pre-qualifier for LPGA’s season-opening ISPS Handa Australian Open on Tuesday when she suddenly felt like she was “being stabbed by a knife” in the ankle, according to Svensk Golf.

As it turns out, she wasn’t being stabbed but had actually been bitten by a black widow.

Black widow bites are known to be fatal, so Holmqvist wasted no time alerting her teammates and addressing the situation. Rather than waiting for medics to arrive, she used a tee from her pocket to open the wound and squeeze out the venom herself.

Hard. Core.

On top of all that Holmqvist didn’t even withdraw from the tournament to go to the local hospital. She instead continued playing, closely trailed by medical personnel for the remaining 14 holes of the round. She carded a 74 but did not qualify.

In an interview with Svensk Golf after the round Holmqvist said she was “a little dizzy and a little tired,” but she wouldn’t go to the hospital because she had a flight to catch.

Remember that the next time you get a papercut.

(Golf Channel)


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