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Golfer Clay Carpenter Stabbed for Trying to Pass Another Group; Faces Leg Amputation

Clay Carpenter, 48, was stabbed on an Eagle Mountain Lake golf course recently for trying to pass a group of golfers that were moving too slowly.

During a seemingly routine day of play on Jan. 27, Carpenter and two of his friends encountered a foursome in front of them that were moving at a somewhat leisurely pace. As he and his friends attempted to pass up this group, words wound up getting exchanged and eventually a small brawl broke out. Somehow, in the shuffle of the fight, Carpenter got stabbed with a golf club shaft.

Despite the fact that he was immediately rushed to the hospital so that his wounds could be tended to, Carpenter now faces a daunting recovery process. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the muscles in the lower portion of his leg atrophied during recovery and other segments died from a lack of blood. As a result, worst-case scenario, Carpenter may ultimately lose the leg.

The Tarrant County’s Sheriff’s Department is now actively investigating what exactly transpired on that fateful day at the Eagle Mountain Lake golf course.

No matter what their investigation eventually comes to find, though – the damage has already been done.

"I'll never be able to lift my feet up again," Carpenter told the Star-Telegram. "I've run full marathons, and I’ll never be a runner again. I’ve lost the ability to properly use my leg. I’ll have to use a brace on this right leg forever."

Carpenter’s attacker has not yet been identified or located by authorities.

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