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Seahawks WR Golden Tate will Steal Your Doughnuts

You’re surfing the web, catching up on sports news.  Reading through some stories.  Then you find that one link.  The one that, even though you’re alone in the room, makes you say out loud-


Yeah. This is one of those.

Former Notre Dame and current Seattle Seahawk receiver Golden Tate recently got an official warning from local police for trespassing on private property.  It seems that Tate, who now makes his home in the suburb of Bellevue, lives above a Top Pot Doughnuts location.  And last weekend, at about 3 in the morning, he just couldn’t wait for that sweet, sweet doughnut fix.

The maple bar: stupidly irresistible

According to a report by the Associated Press and the celebrity gossip site TMZ, Tate and another man sneaked into the Top Pot store– still closed to the public at the time– and pilfered some freshly baked maple bars.  The power of fried pastry proved too much for Tate, and apparently a little B&E was a small price to pay.

In an interview with Seattle’s KJR radio, Top Pot co-founder Mark Klebeck said that the baker on duty must have stepped away from his station momentarily, allowing time for the nefarious Tate to slip in and devour his ill-gotten delicacy.  The baker returned but recognized Tate as a resident of the building, which apparently kept the situation from escalating.  The employee still alerted local police to the unauthorized entry.

Klebeck went on to commend the baker for following company procedure.  Local police warned Tate not to repeat his behavior.

Forget popcorn. Get your doughnuts ready.

When interviewed following Seahawks’ team OTAs, Tate had this to say about the infamous maple bar theft:

“Freshly baked. I made the mistake of — a buddy made the mistake going in grabbing a couple. We ate them.  This is the wrong type of media I want to bring to the organization…[the police] just kind of said ‘don’t do it again,’ which I won’t.”

Smooth explanation.  But whether it was Tate or his buddy doing the grabbing, this was more than the just the wrong type of media.  Remember this, all you millionaires: don’t steal doughnuts.

Of course, all of this begs the real question on everyone’s minds:  Is the Starbucks safe?


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