Golden State Warriors: Underrated Depth Will be Key to this Team’s Success in 2012

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The Golden State Warriors have quietly put together one of the deepest rosters in the NBA. When discussing this team, there is one question that comes up before any other: Can they stay healthy? In particular Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, who have been marred by injuries the last couple years. That’s 2 of their 3 best players, and as we’ve seen throughout his career, David Lee can’t do it alone.

I like what the Warriors have put together. They finally got rid of the glorified Jason Terry (Ellis) for a legit 7 footer who can impact games at both ends. They will start two young quick guys in the backcourt (Curry and Klay Thompson) who are known for being great shooters. They have versatility forward combination with David Lee and #7 overall draft pick Harrison Barnes. Their starting five has all the right pieces, except the superstar that most fans seem to agree you need at least one (two or three?!) to get anywhere close to the finals.

Their bench is where they will pull away from lesser teams (hello Phoenix) and give the contenders a competitive game. Carl Landry is a workhorse that coach Jackson will soon fall in love with if he hasn’t already. The Warriors perimeter has proven veterans Richard Jefferson, Jarrett Jack, and Brandon Rush. 3 players whose play won’t get you out of your seat but are perfect for backup roles. If you see any 3 of those guys in the starting lineup for long periods of time, the Warriors are probably struggling.

So the Warriors have talent, depth, and a coach that inspires tough hard working play on both ends. They have what it takes to set their sights on a playoff spot, even in the competitive western conference.

But can they stay healthy?


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