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Golden State Warriors Go Retro, Unveil Great 'New' Logo

It's about time. The Golden State Warriors have finally shed their annoying Disney-fied "Flash" logo for a "new" retro one that recaptures their Oakland/Bay Area style. We all know the Warriors' old jerseys that simply say "The City" are some of the best throwback threads around, and this renovated blue-and-yellow logo is true to the team's roots. The logo on the left, below was horrific. It had zero history, no charm, no unique feel. It looked like a movie poster for a kids' movie.

Not anymore. The NBA's franchise by the Bay has brought back the right logo and look. Surprising, because most pro sports franchises have typically made the wrong uniform moves in the last few years. Golden State realized it had something good going then embraced something worse. Way to correct the mistake. (Note: Actually, maybe it's a positive trend. The 76ers had to endure too many seasons in those God-awful star uniforms -- black trim and script writing -- before realizing: Wait a second, you know those red-white-and-blue uniforms we used to have? Why did we get red of those? The Warriors are in the same boat.) Now, while the logo is an A+, I'm still not sure about the new uniforms. See below. I see it and I think Rec League. Maybe it's too early, but why not just go right back to "The City" uniforms and call it good? Check it out.

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