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Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is Not a Fan of the UFC's PPV Model

Richard Schaefer, the CEO for Golden Boy Promotions, recently sounded off on what boxing can learn from UFC, and what the UFC can learn from boxing. Schaefer left his job in banking to help Oscar De La Hoya build Golden Boy.

In an interview with FightHub TV, Schaefer said that he believes the UFC is asking too much of its audience to charge for a pay-per-view at least once a month. In July, the UFC will actually host two PPVs.

"I think a UFC pay-per-view every month is too much," Schaefer said. "The UFC has certainly been able to connect with the fans and capture the young audience. The UFC can learn certain things from boxing, and boxing can learn certain things from the UFC."

Schaefer cited Floyd Mayweather as a prime example of why boxing pay-per-view numbers are so much higher. Mayweather, of course, fights only once a year on average, but Schaefer said, "Boxing pay-per-view numbers are multiple times the size of UFC pay-per-views. Boxing embraces their sponsors (more than the UFC does), as well."

You can check out the complete interview with Schaefer in the video below:

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