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GM Kahn to Wolves Fans: Sorry, We’ll Suck Next Year

Well, if he’s good at nothing else (and it appears that may actually be the case) Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn is brutally honest.

The Timberwolves took out a full-page advertisement in the Monday edition of the Star Tribune that pretty much admitted contending this year is “not likely.” According to Wolves Chief Marketing Officer Ted Johnson, the letter attempts to create a new “honest” relationship between the team and fans.

“This honesty thing is a bit painful” and “we still need that one dominant player,” the Wolves tell their 26 remaining fans. Still, they made sure to tell one and all they “will still be fun to watch” and that fans will be “missing out if they aren’t in the arena.”

Not that anyone ever really took the Timberwolves seriously in the first place, but stuff like this doesn’t make it any easier... Get the rest of this article HERE.

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