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Glover Teixeira Opens Up About His UFC 153 Fight

Glover Teixeira (19-2) was amazed that the doctor stopped his fight with Fábio Maldonado (18-6) as he thought his opponent could continue to fight as he never receded.

"I did not think the judges should have stopped it, it is difficult to say," said Teixeira to GloboEsporte. "I saw that he was hurt, a few times I saw the white of his eyes, but at all times he was fighting back, so he was not stopped."

Teixeira was declared the winner via TKO (doctor stoppage) at the end of the second round at UFC 153.

The win makes Teixeira 2-0 since he debuted for the UFC this year. He is currently on a 17 fight win streak. The same cannot be said for Maldonado who drops to 1-3 for the UFC. Even though he is on a three fight losing streak, Dana White stated he would not be released.

About Maldonado's performance, Teixeira gave him credit for being such a tough challenge.

"I knew that Maldonado was a tough guy," said Teixeira. "I was surprised he endured so much and continued fighting on the ground. But I knew it would be a tough fight, but he lasted this long. He's a guy I like, who I did not want to hurt either."

Both fighters return to action is unknown.

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