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A Glance at Albert Pujols' 2004 Contract

When I was contacted over the weekend by Brian Walton of and with about six questions related to the baseball agent profession, I had no idea just why he was asking me those specific questions.  Now, after Walton published his piece titled, Dan Lozano and Albert Pujols’ 2004 Contract, it all makes sense.

Walton’s piece stemmed from an accusation embedded within the Deadspin story about Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano, which has attracted the eyes of everybody in the sports agent industry.  The accusation was that Lozano’s unfortunate financial situation led him to negotiate an unfavorable, below-market value contract for Pujols in 2004.  Walton’s article digs deep to try to determine whether that was actually the case.  Based on his findings, it appears that even if Lozano was truly interested in making a quick buck to save himself from financial straits, he certainly did not display such through his negotiation of Pujols’ contract.

Go ahead and read Walton’s article, because he does a fantastic job of looking into the 2004 Pujols deal, and he provides some nice space for my contributions.

This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog.


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