Giving Yankees' Andy Pettitte Due Credit

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By Rob Kotaska

As I cobble this piece together Andy Pettitte is throwing a gem, allowing only two hits through six innings while fanning eight. (Updated: he went 7.1 with 2 hits, 2 walks and 10 punch outs.  Geritol is calling, they want to talk endorsement)Before his first start I called for Andy to be moved to the closer role, questioning whether he could string together more than a few decent innings each start in the majors if he was having an issue in the minors. I may have even sent an overconfident, far-too-early “I told you so” to our resident Yankee fan after his first start. (I did)

While his performance overall has been uneven (2-2 with a 3.79 ERA and 6 taters given up is not vintage Andy), he has given the Yankees 7,7, and 8 innings logged his last three starts.  That is more than decent given his age, retirement, and shortened prep time before the season.

Even this Yankee hater has to admit what he has done so far has been impressive.  But Yankee fan beware, this is clearly not the Andy of old.  He is uneven, and giving up home runs at a pace he has never before in his career.  Slot Andy in at the number 4 starter and he should help you get a spot in October.  If his is counted on being anything more than that you might be in trouble.  Every other start being an almost, or legit gem will not stand if this other start is a dud.

So, I was wrong (so far).  But there is always next start that will make me feel a little more Kreskin…or so the pattern says.

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