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NBA: Knicks Wilson Chandler Deserves Credit

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When the Knicks were 3-8 and things were looking bleak different folks reacted differently to the frustration of what appeared to be another lost season. Bitterness and recrimination abounded. Some people lashed out at coach Mike D’Antoni. Others at certain players. Most of use are happy now that the Knicks are winning again though and it’s time for me to acknowledge that Wilson Chandler is playing great basketball.

I was really on Chandler’s case when the Knicks were struggling for shooting too many threes and not being aggressive enough with the basketball. He was shooting poorly and early and he was wasting possessions for a team trying to establish an offensive identity.

Well, he’s playing better now. Not only is he knocking down the corner three with stunning regularity, he’s hitting other threes with some regularity. The result is that his three point percentage is up to 36%. That’s quite a feat considering that when things were going bad he was leading the team in attempts and was hovering around 30%. He’s also learning that his bread is really buttered in the paint, and he’s been living inside of late. His overall field goal percentage has rocketed to 54% this month. That translates into career highs for Wilson in shooting efficiency measured by True Shooting % and also Effective Field Goal %.

He’s still not drawing enough fouls but for now I’ll take the improvement in his shooting numbers.

It’s already been acknowledged that he’s become a better rebounder and shot blocker this year, so his overall game has improved this year too.

Wilson is having a breakout year and perhaps not coincidentally, so are the Knicks.

Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time I’ve been wrong, and I’m sure it will not be the last:


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