Gilbert Melendez: "Pat Healy is a Tough Guy to Prepare For"

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Gilbert Melendez (21-2) knows his upcoming championship defense against Pat Healy (28-16) may go the full five rounds and he's ready.

"Pat Healy is a tough guy to prepare for because it could become a war with this guy," said Melendez. "He's durable [and] a grinder. The main thing is to be in great shape and be able to grind 25 minutes with the guy."

Melendez is the current Strikeforce Lightweight Champion and has defended his title a total of six times. He is currently on a six fight win streak. Healy has lost once since he dropped to the lightweight class and has won his last five fights.

"I think I'm more skillful and graceful than he is and can capitalize on that, but I got to be ready for war," said Melendez. "This guy might not go down with a hard right hand or left hook. He might still be standing, coming forward. I got to be prepared for that."

Melendez vs. Healy takes place September 29.

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