Getting to Know Patriots Cornerback Aqib Talib

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Let’s go ahead and meet the Patriots newest acquisition, Aqib Talib, who the Pats acquired for a fourth round back on this past Thursday.

If you thought Aqib Talib was just a pistol-whipping, wise-cracking, ADD medication-taking, uber-talented yet underperforming cornerback, well you my friend are sadly mistaken. Talib has layers.

For instance, today on WEEI’s “The Big Show,” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked what sort of skill set Talib had and how he would fit into the Patriots plans. Considering the Pats just gave up a pick to get the suspended former Bucs’ defensive back, it seemed like a valid question, or at least a small filler question to kill some time.

Bill’s response?

“Well he’s played cornerback his entire college and professional career, so…”

Well done Bill. You see? There’s more to Talib than you thought. And, if you’ve watched the above video, you’ll also notice that he’s very good at the “Cooking dance”,” which supposedly is something that a rapper named “Lil B” made famous with Soulja Boy…I guess? That’s what I gathered while searching the internet. It could be completely wrong. Here’s a music video of whatever the “Cooking dance” is, if you’re really interested. It seems both educational and productive, and it might just be a fun activity to do if you can’t afford Rosetta Stone and don’t care about politics.

A little more research has proved that the Talib’s proficiency at the “Cooking dance” is not an outlier. He’s got a dancing past. When he was drafted in 2008, he and his entire family did the “Dougie.” That’s right – the entire Talib clan know the Dougie, and they know it well.

So yeah…

…in Bill we trust.

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