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Getting to Know American Kickboxing Academy

DeWayne Zinkin is a manager at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), where he hopes to transform wrestlers into fighters.

"I got involved in MMA because I've wrestled most of my life," said Zinkin. "We saw the first UFC in the early 90's and I wanted to get involved helping the wrestlers. There is no draft for wrestling. This is the first time where wrestlers had an opportunity to become a pro wrestler."

Zinkin spoke about who helped him decide to open up AKA and the company's overall objective.

"My relationship with Javier Mendez came about through Bob Cook," said Zinkin. "It's a partnership for us to manage fighters and send a lot of them to American Kickboxing Academy. We breed our fighters from day one and take a lot of the collegiate wrestlers, who don't know anything about fighting, and turn these great wrestlers into fighters."

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