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NFL: Many Potential Suitors for Asomguha

It’s no surprise.  The target of almost all 32 teams this offseason with be unrestricted free agent, Nnamdi Asomugha.  Yes, there are teams that have solid defensive backs, but even they are pining over the thought of shutting ½ of the field down.

Unfortunately for the other 31 teams, the New York Jets have the inside track as they will likely let Antonio Cromartie hit the market in pursuit of Asomguha.   Darrelle Revis is BFF with Asomugha and the two have already spoken about the possibility of teaming up in NY.  I highly doubt there has been any form of tampering.  Off the record, I highly doubt Rex Ryan likes feet.

Anyway, the Eagles should still make it priority #1 to pursue the shut down corner.  Andy Reid and the birds won’t open the bank to anyone, but if they’ve shown that they will open the bank for a big time corner.  See:  Samuel, Asante. 

That, in fact, could be the biggest hurdle standing in the Eagles way.  With so much already invested in Samuel, will they devote another $50 million in Asomugha?  He is definitely worth the coin, but to think that $100 million would be locked up between your two corners is a tough pill to swallow.

On the positive side of things, think of the positions Reid values: 

  • Offensive line
  • Defensive line
  • Cornerback

Early in his tenure Reid jumped on the top FA target, offensive lineman, Jon Runyan.  In 2004, he beat everyone to the punch signing Jevon Kearse. No surprise that he was a defensive end and yet another example of getting “the guy.”  In 2008 he went out and spent good money to bring in Samuel… another position he values, cornerback.

So when Andy see’s “his guy” and it fits the position he values, he jumps.  Hopefully, he’s planning to throw his weight around and get himself to the front of the line.


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