NBA Analysis: Rockets, Chuck Hayes Dominate Warriors


Houston Rockets-131 Golden State Warriors-112

Earlier this year when Kevin Love dropped his 51st double-double, there were some criticisms of his achievement. Some said that it was easy for him to do because he was the only all-star caliber player on the Wolves and who else was going to get the rebounds, right? Very wrong. If the record was so easy to break, then why has it taken this long to be broken? Plenty of superstars have been isolated on bad teams with no help. I think Kevin Garnett is a perfect example.

With that being said, when Chuck Hayes gets a triple double, it is a BIG deal. Still, most NBA writers will say somethings like,

“the Warriors do allow the highest ratio of assisted baskets in the league, and they have the worst rebounding rate in the league, so racking up rebounds and assists against the Warriors is not a particularly difficult challenge.”  Off The Dribble

You know what is a difficult challenge? Being a 6’6″ center and playing against David Lee or better yet, anyone else taller than you. This was no walk in the park for Chuck, he gets his fair share of rebounds and can dish out assists, but it wasn’t as if the Warriors were allowing this to happen. To be fair, John Krolik, the writer of the article above, had many good things to say about the Chuck Wagon and wrote a really good article. I am just really tired of critics and fans taking away from players’ accomplishments. I have to go back to my argument from before. If it was so easy to do, why hasn’t any other Rocket done it? It’s not as if the Warriors are unaware of Hayes and his capabilities. Everyone in the NBA knows he is going to pass the ball well and box out hard. In fact, David Lee and Chuck go way back to their college days in the SEC. Also, after college they were both invited to Rockets’ training camp where they battled again. So in my eyes, it is an even larger accomplishment to drop those numbers against a familiar face.

You won’t hear that from Chuck though. In an interview on NBATV after the game, Brent Barry congratulated Chuck but told him that “he was not being himself” and “he was playing it too cool.” Chuck continued with his carefree attitude by adding, “I didn’t know they counted dribble hand-offs as an assist.”

 As for the rest of the game, our team was on fire. Lowry’s shooting cooled off, but that did not hold the rest of our team back. With this victory, the Rockets are now 11-0 when shooting 50% or better and you can thank Kevin Martin(34 points) and Courtney Lee(25 points) for that high percentage. The game was filled with excitement on both ends. It started out as a foot race to the basket, but once the Rockets were able to slow it down and run their offense, the defense followed. They were able to build up and keep a double digit lead for most of the second half by forcing the Warriors into bad perimeter shots.

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Triple-doubles are so easy against bad teams right? How many do Chris Paul, Derron Williams and Steve Nash have this year? Zero.

“Honestly, inside I am jumping for joy. I am so juiced inside. I just don’t want to bring it to my outer self. It’s a great achievement. I’m excited. It’s something you read about. It’s something the great stars do. Never in a million years did I think I’d get it, but I did.” Chuck Wagon

“I can’t say how pleased I am for someone like Chuck. That’s just terrific for a guy like that and the way he works and the things he’s done. I can’t emphasize enough the improvement he has made offensively to be more than just a screener. He’s becoming a great passer – you saw that tonight. It’s just a pleasure to watch a guy like that and his work ethic and everything he does. It’s really terrific. It’s like Kyle and Chuck were saying: it’s Chuck and Kyle, and Oscar (Robertson) and LeBron (James) – those are the guys who get triple-doubles.”  RICK ADELMAN

“ Houston plays as a team without any egos. They work hard and they play hard. Chuck Hayes is a perfect example of their team and how they play. He understands the team concept of the game so well. It was great to see their crowd get behind him when he was going for the triple-double. Everyone was with him and they are very proud of the type player he is.” GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS COACH KEITH SMART


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