World Cup: Germany and Argentina Engage in Trask Talk

On Saturday in South Africa, two world soccer superpowers will do battle in the World Cup quarterfinals. Argentina and Germany are two countries that always seem to have great sides, and this year is no different.

And the two teams do have quite an international history. In Mexico in 1986, Diego Maradona and the Argentinians took out West Germany 3-2 in a brilliant match that saw the Germans level the score at 2-2 after falling behind by two goals.

In 1990, the West Germans got Argentina back when they beat them 1-0 on a penalty kick by Andreas Brehme. More recently, the Germans knocked the Argentinians out of the Cup in 2006 on penalty kicks.

So maybe it should be expected that the two sides are running their mouths a little bit before Saturday’s game.

“We have to concentrate on our own game. They are temperamental, we’ll see how they deal with defeat on Saturday,” German captain Philipp Lahm said. “They are impulsive, temperamental and they don’t know how to lose.”

Argentinian manager Maradona, who reminds us a lot of Ozzie Guillen, laughed at that notion in an interview with Fox Sports Argentina. He said that Germany is ”nervous” and that his players were looking forward to “revenge.”

But not everyone gets involved in the mouthing off.

“The important thing is that we answer on the field,” Argentine defender Martin Demichelis said. “The best answer is during the game.”

“Maybe because we beat them on March 3 (in an exhibition game) they respect us a little more.”

We love the smack talk. These are two great teams that will do battle and we can’t wait to see the end result.


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