German Rower Nadja Drygalla Leaves 2012 Olympics over Accusations that Boyfriend is a Far-Right Extremist

After numerous outlets reported that her boyfriend was a far-right extremist, German rower Nadja Drygalla opted to pack up her toys and leave the Olympic village on Friday.

The decision to do so was made all the easier by the fact that she was already finished with her portion of the London Games.

"Miss Drygalla confirmed credibly her commitment to the Olympic Charter," the head of Germany's committee Michael Vesper said to Reuters. "She is leaving the Olympic Village so as not to be a burden for the team."

Why would Drygalla have been a burden for her team if she had stayed? Well, probably because she’s been the subject of a media firestorm ever since rumors emerged that her boyfriend was a member of the "Rostock National Socialists" and had taken part in a state election for the far-right National Democratic Party.

According to Reuters, the National Democratic Party is a racist and anti-Semitic group inspired by Nazis. Their pitch is essentially blaming immigrants for all that ails society. Unsurprisingly, they’re also apparently extremely uneducated.

"We will have another conversation with Nadja Drygalla in August after the Olympic Games. After that we will decide together with her how to proceed," said Siegfried Kaidel, the head of the federation.

Mark Adams, spokesman for the International Olympic Committee, offered this brief statement on the matter:

"There is no issue for us regarding the rower. I have seen the report. But as far as the Games are concerned, she has not done anything wrong."

(Kudos Reuters via Deadspin)

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