Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt Weighs in on Kentucky

Mark Richt’s Opening statement… “Kentucky Wildcats, coach Joker Phillips is doing a great job over there I think. Of course he’s been there for quite a few years now. We know he was the coach in waiting and he’s not waiting anymore.

"He’s the head man and he’s got them playing extremely hard. Of course they had an unbelievably great victory last week. They were down 28-10 at the half and ended up shutting them out in the second half and scoring enough to win it. I think they scored 21 points in the second half. They took care of business. They’ve actually had 14 games since 2006 where they were losing in the fourth quarter and came back and won, so those guys are very, very resilient. They are not going to give in. They have 21 kids from Georgia. That, I’m sure, will be a lot of incentive for a lot of those kids. Of course Kentucky is their No. 1 state for recruiting, but Georgia is No. 2 for them. There are a lot of guys that are on that team and a lot of guys who are playing well for them.”

“It’s a great challenge for us. We’re excited and thankful for the last couple of weeks and the job our guys have done. They have a really tremendous challenge going to Kentucky. Kentucky has beaten us two out of the last four times. I’m sure that they’ve gained a lot of momentum with that great victory over South Carolina, a top-10 team. Coach Phillips is really doing a super job.”

On whether there is extra motivation with the SEC Eastern Division race… “I don’t know if it’s that or we just played good the last couple of games. We’ve won, we’ve seen some fruit from the work we put in. We’ve seen some very positive results. I’m sure it’s in the back of everybody’s mind that things could get more exciting, but things won’t get more exciting unless we win this game, so that’s where our focus has been.”

Running back Carlton Thomas on Kentucky

“We learned this season that you need to take everyone seriously. Every team could be the one that upsets you, so we know not to take any team lightly. Kentucky has been in a lot of close games. We need to execute our game plan like we did the last two weeks.”

Quarterback Aaron Murray on Kentucky

“They are a great team. We have to work hard this week. Kentucky is a great team that will play all 60 minutes. You can’t go out there and expect to play three quarters because they will put up some late touchdowns on you. It’s a big game for us and we need to keep on our streak right now.”

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