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Georgia Bulldogs: G-Day Game and Updates

I know I just updated you with Georgia Bulldogs spring notes yesterday but Mark Richt has done something that has created a little buzz about the upcoming G-Day game. He's basically taken it from being "just" a scrimmage to it being a competition.

This will either end up reeking of awesomeness or it could blow up in his face but I will definitely be watching. Richt picked team captains and had them choose their teams after practice on Monday. The Black team is captained by QB Aaron Murray and CB/KR Brandon Boykin.

The Red team is captained by ILB Christian Robinson and C Ben Jones. These guys seem pretty serious about winning this competition and have taken to twitter to "trash talk".

@crob45 Christian Robinson

I'd rather win a championship than a Heisman! #TeamJonesRobinsonGoingToTheChampionship

@crob45 Christian Robinson

#TeamJonesRobinson has the best offensive line and linebackers. @aaronmurray11 have fun gettin a pass off

@aaronmurray11 Aaron Murray

@crob45 is talking way to much smack. I think he is a little scared about what @MrBoykin2 and myself about to do

Looks like the guys are having some fun with it. Here are the rosters broken down by position for each team. Injured players are listed here although as of last week 18 players were being held out of practice. Expect most of those to play but there are probably several guys on this list that will not play in the game on Saturday. The game will be carried live by CSS and starts at 1pm this Saturday. Follow our blogs twitter account @CFBZ for updates and thoughts during the game.

A few thoughts on the teams:

Black Team- STACKED on offense but the OL is very inexperienced. DL and ILB look strong and there are 4 DBs with quality experience but OLB doesn't have much experience. I think this team beats Vandy, Ole Miss and Kentucky.

Red Team- OL is stocked, play-makers at WR and a solid backfield but inexperienced at QB. 3 starting LBs although not much depth beyond them, DL looks OK, Secondary looks shaky especially if Rambo doesn't play.


Coaches: Todd Grantham, Kirk Olivadotti, Will Friend, Tony Ball and John Lilly

QB Aaron Murray, RSoph
QB Christian LeMay, Frosh

RB Washaun Ealey, Jr
RB Ken Malcome, RFrosh
RB Brandon Harton, RSoph
RB Wes Van Dyk, Jr

FB Bruce Figgins, Sr
FB Dustin Royston, RSoph

WR Marlon Brown, Jr
WR Rantavious Wooten, Jr
WR Chris Conley, Frosh
WR Greg Lanier, Sr
WR Taylor Bradberry, Jr
WR Evan Wells, Frosh

TE Orson Charles, Jr

OL Justin Anderson, Sr
OL Brent Benedict, RFrosh
OL Kolton Houston, RFrosh
OL Chris Burnette, RSoph
OL Dallas Lee, RSoph
OL Ty Frix, Jr
OL Hugh Williams, RFrosh
OL Trinton Sturdivant, Sr

DL DeAngelo Tyson, Sr
DL Kwame Geathers, RSoph
DL Jeremy Longo, Jr
DL Garrison Smith, Soph

ILB Alec Ogletree, Soph
ILB Richard Samuel, RJr
ILB Mike Gilliard, Jr
ILB Robert Davis, Soph
ILB Corey Campbell, RFrosh

OLB Brandon Burrows, RFrosh
OLB Reuben Faloughi, RSoph
OLB Dexter Morant, RFrosh
OLB T.J. Stripling, Soph
OLB Chase Vasser, RSoph
OLB Jamel Allen, Jr

CB Brandon Boykin, Sr
CB Branden Smith, Jr
CB Blake Sailors, RSoph
CB Luis Capella, RSoph
CB Connor Norman, RFrosh

S Shawn Williams, Jr
S Jakar Hamilton, Sr
S Lucas Redd, RFrosh

K Blair Walsh, Sr
K Jamie Lindley, Jr
P Adam Erickson, RFrosh


Coaches: Mike Bobo, Bryan McClendon, Rodney Garner, Scott Lakatos

QB Hutson Mason, Soph
QB Parker Welch, RFrosh
QB Greg Bingham, RFrosh

RB Caleb King, Sr
RB Carlton Thomas, Jr
RB Alex Parsons, RSoph
RB Greg Mulkey, Frosh
RB Drew Wilson

FB Alexander Ogletree, Soph
FB Chris Young, RSoph

WR Tavarres King, Jr
WR Michael Bennett, RFrosh
WR Israel Troupe, Sr
WR Rhett McGowan, RSoph
WR Michael Erdman, RFrosh
WR Jamal Payette, Frosh

TE Aron White, Sr
TE Arthur Lynch, RSoph
TE Ricky Lowe, Jr

OL Ben Jones, Sr
OL Cordy Glenn, OL
OL Kenarious Gates, OL
OL A.J. Harmon, Jr
OL Austin Long, RSoph
OL John Bodin, Jr
OL Ben Reynolds, RSoph

DL Abry Jones, Jr
DL Derrick Lott, RSoph
DL Mike Thornton, RFrosh
DL Candler Cook, Sr

ILB Christian Robinson, Jr
ILB Kosta Vavlas, RFrosh
ILB Jeremy Sulek, Sr
ILB Jason Veal, Sr
ILB Taylor Maxey, Frosh

OLB Jarvis Jones, RSoph
OLB Cornelius Washington, Jr
OLB Matt DeGenova, Sr

CB/S Sanders Commings, Jr
CB Derek Owens, Soph
CB Jordan Love, RSoph
CB Corey Dunson, RSoph
CB Austin Herod, RSoph

S Bacarri Rambo, Jr
S Marc Deas, RFrosh
S Eric Elliot, Sr

K Brandon Bogotay, Sr
K Scott Eichler, Jr
P Drew Butler, Sr
SP Ethan Jackson, Frosh
SP Billy Johnson, Jr


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