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Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz: Will it Happen?

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre still wants to test his skills against Nick Diaz, according to his trainer Firas Zahabi. GSP and Diaz were expected to meet twice, but issues and injuries forced each bout to be called off.

"I think Georges wants that fight," said Zahabi, during a recent interview with the MMA Fight Corner. "I think Diaz deserves a lot of money for that fight. I think they should pay him significantly, I think it'd be a big fight. Nobody would miss that fight."

Diaz announced his retirement following a loss to Carlos Condit earlier this year, but most feel like he will return to action once his suspension for positive drug test is lifted. Zahabi is one of those who feel Diaz has a future in MMA.

"From what I hear, Nick Diaz is not happy with all the judging in the sport, and I can understand all that," Zahabi said. "When I tell (fans that Diaz is retired), they have this crazy look on their face, like that's crazy, they still have to fight."

St-Pierre is expected to return from knee surgery to face Condit in a bout to unify the welterweight titles. It is expected to go down this November at UFC 154.

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