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Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit: Complete Fight Highlights

Has there ever been a great fighter who was more disrespected heading into a match than Carlos Condit was heading into UFC 154? Seriously, between the way that the media was fawning over Georges St-Pierre and the never-ending talk of a GSP-Anderson Silva Dream Match, it’s a wonder that Condit didn’t go insane.

Rather than let it get to him, though, Condit decided to harness all that doubt and disrespect and use it as motivation. And when it was all said and done on Saturday night, he made his highly-touted opponent work harder for his victory than he has had to at any point in his career outside of the Jon Fitch fight. (By GSP’s own admission, mind you.)

Is GSP great? Absolutely. But is Condit ridiculously underrated as a fighter? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Check out the highlights from the main event of UFC 154 in the video below.

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