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Georges St-Pierre to Return Soon?

During a recent appearance on Sportsnet's UFC Central with Showdown Joe Ferraro, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre gave yet another status update on his recovery from a torn ACL.

"I'm at the last stage (of recovery). I'll be back pretty soon. In July I'll be training again," said the champ, before adding, "I think November is a realistic time for me to come back and fight."

Showdown Joe then asked GSP if he could be part of the blockbuster fight that the UFC teased recently for a big show in January and if Nick Diaz could be in the works as his opponent -- after all, UFC president Dana White indicated that the fight was dependent upon an undefined sequence of events and would only happen "if things go the way that they could."

"Yeah, it could happen," St-Pierre replied. "November, December, January -- yeah, maybe, why not? Depends on how everything plays out. For now, it's out of my hands. I don't even think about fighting right now, I think about finalizing my knee rehabilitation. Once it will be back, I will know who I'm fighting, because I don't know one hundred percent right now."

Diaz's future in MMA is currently unknown, as he is waging war with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his marijuana suspension during what he announced to be his retirement from MMA.

It has also been rumored that a Jon Jones-Anderson Silva superfight could be what White was referencing.

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