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Georges St-Pierre Liked the Way Carlos Condit Fought Nick Diaz

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was a fan earlier this year when he watched Carlos Condit secure the interim UFC welterweight title in a match with Nick Diaz. Now, GSP and Condit are set to square off for the unified title Saturday night at UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit.

So, from his Octagon-side seat, how did St-Pierre score the controversial Condit-Diaz encounter?

"Seeing it live, I give (Condit) the win for that fight," said St-Pierre, during a recent press conference. "I believe he did very well. He hit Nick more than Nick hit him and I believe he should have won. I loved that fight."

St-Pierre added that he didn't have any criticism over how Condit approached the battle. "The Natural Born Killer" used a stick-and-move approach, focusing in on the legs of Diaz and avoiding any serious mix-ups with him.

It's possible that the winner of GSP-Condit squares off with Diaz when he returns from his suspension in 2013. Of course, there is the Anderson Silva card to be played with St-Pierre, as well.

As a reminder, FightLine will have complete coverage Saturday of UFC 154, including live, play-by-play of the entire card.

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