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Is Georges St-Pierre Ducking Anderson Silva?

Georges St-Pierre put on a masterful display against Carlos Condit at UFC 154. Don’t let the scratches and bruises on his face after the fact fool you – GSP was amazing in his comeback fight. Despite the extended layoff and versus a very formidable foe, he was able control all but one round with the sort of ground game and savvy that almost no one else in the UFC boasts.

If GSP was able to do that after a lengthy break and against an opponent as capable as Condit, that means there are very few people remaining out there who can legitimately challenge him.

Ever since the media blitz for UFC 154 first kicked off, Dana White has done everything imaginable to hype up a possible showdown between GSP and Anderson Silva. It was (and is) being billed as a super fight for the ages. It would pit St-Pierre against perhaps the only person in the sport who has a résumé resembling his.

Problem is, GSP doesn’t appear to be interested in the bout right now. Here is what he had to say during an interview on “Tout Le Monde en Parle” this weekend (via Larry Brown Sports).

“He wants to fight me so he can then retire. I would like to fight him too, but after I fight him and win the fight, what happens next? These days, yeah, there’s a lot of money to be made, but I don’t fight for the money. My motivation is to be the best. Like we said, to be the Wayne Gretzky of my sport. So if I fight him, what happens next? It will be over. So yes, I want the fight, but I want to take it when I decide the time is right, not when he wants the fight to happen.

“On top of that, he weighs 234 pounds; I weigh 188. So there’s a big weight difference. I’ve fought guys who were bigger — I’m not scared of him — it’s just that I will take this fight when it makes sense for me. I just came back from an injury, there’s money to be made, there are fights in my weight class, other challenges out there, and if I fight him, I will have to gain weight, while he will have to lose weight, and then afterwards, I won’t be able to come back to my weight class.

That’s a bizarre sentiment, for several reasons. First and foremost, if this was just an issue of GSP being uncomfortable with the massive weight difference – so be it. But that wasn’t even his initial major gripe with the super fight idea. And when something isn’t your first objection, that usually means it’s not a particularly significant one. Secondly, if you’re GSP, there is no faster path to becoming the Wayne Gretzky of MMA than beating Anderson Silva. Beating Johny Hendricks would be great, but it wouldn’t earn you as much respect as beating Silva would. Same goes for beating Nick Diaz.

If it’s truly about being the best ever, the road to that goes through Anderson Silva. GSP is smart enough to understand that. And because he’s smart enough to understand that, there is only one logical explanation as to why he’s avoiding the fight.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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