George Sotiropoulos Apparently Once Got Knocked Out by Ross Pearson's Boxing Coach


Ross Pearson explained his reason for losing respect for George Sotiropoulos during filming of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes earlier this year. Pearson defeated Sotiropoulos Friday night in the main event of UFC On FX: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson from Australia.

It appears that Pearson's boxing coach, Erin Beach, knocked Sotiropoulos out following a war of words between the two. Sotiropoulos fired off a shot at Beach, who proceeded to drop the Australian fighter.

"That's why I said I lost all respect for him, and that's why I didn't shake his hands afterward," Pearson told "That's why I'm not his friend now - because he acted unprofessional."

Pearson further explained the incident, saying it happened mid-way through filming. He said that Sotiropoulos blindsided Beach, who retaliated. The fight went down off-camera, but drew a response from UFC president Dana White.

"Dana chewed our heads off," Pearson said. "George was acting unprofessional. I get paid to fight. I don't fight in the streets for free."

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