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George Brett: Clemens Not Going to the Hall of Fame

You would have to believe that reason Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds refuse to admit that they took steroids is because they were worried more than anything else, about their legacy. It's the same reason that the players who ultimately confessed about taking PED's didn't admit to it until they were caught.

Those players however were smart enough (or were smart enough to listen to some good advice) to then do some damage control and try to put the issue behind them. Think about it, of all the players who have been caught that then held a press conference or did a TV interview where they came clean, how many of them still deal with major ramifications from the public about taking the PED's on a daily basis?

I saw Jason Giambi pinch hit last week, and but didn't enter my mind that he was a steroid user. I wouldn't have thought about at all it if I wasn't writing this article. I read article after article last week about when Andy Pettitte may be coming off the DL, and I never think of it once. Heck, I don't even think about it when I see A-Rod anymore unless someone else brings it up. The hassles the players who have come clean now endure with regard to the subject is now intermittent heckling at best. And they only came clean because they were caught!

Somewhere however, in the big heads and beady brains of Clemens and Bonds (literally big head), they think that as long as they can keep a shadow of a doubt in the minds of someone somewhere that they didn't take PED's, that they can still get into the MLB Hall of Fame.

Clemens and Bonds will take this too their grave. It's the Pete Rose syndrome. But now, as if Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds didn't have enough to worry about, Hall of Famer George Brett is hitting them where it hurts. "No Hall of Fame for you!"

In an interview on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, Brett said that Clemens, and other steroid users will never make the Hall of Fame. Not only that, he's basically blackballing the HOF by making certain that they don't even think of putting them in because if they do, he says that the current Hall of Famers won't attend the induction ceremonies, distancing themselves from association with the Hall.

Brett is firm in his belief that none of these players will ever be in the MLB Hall of Fame. His comments regarding Roger Clemens and other suspected / confirmed steroid users in baseball were certainly news worthy. - Mike Cardano

Listen to the interview here

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