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Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods Endorsement Deal

Tiger Woods has lost one of his biggest and most high-profile endorsement deals -- Gatorade. A spokeswoman for the sports drink said it is ending its long public relationship with Woods.

"We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship," a Gatorade spokeswoman said. "We wish him all the best." She did say, however, that Gatorade would continue its relationship with the Tiger Woods Foundation.

She declined to say whether his contract was terminated early because of trouble with his public image. Gatorade discontinued its Woods-brand drinks in November, a decision made before Woods' marital problems became known.

When that news did break, Gatorade stuck by him. But now it has relented, joining AT&T Inc. and Accenture in dropping Woods as a paid spokesman.

Watchmaker Tag Heuer and Gillette haven't officially dropped Woods, but they de-emphasized him in their marketing.

The CEO of Procter & Gamble, owner of Gillette, said earlier this week that he doesn't know whether Woods will ever appear in another Gillette commercial, saying the company did not need the "distraction" of using him in its advertising.

Nike and video game maker Electronic Arts, Woods' biggest remaining advertising partners, reiterated their support for the embattled golfer after his public apology last week.


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