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How Hurt is Chargers Antonio Gates?

When we talk about tough guys in the NFL, Antonio Gates isn’t a name that immediately pops up. But it should. This guy never misses games and always plays through painful injuries.

This season, he’s been dealing with a bum toe on his left foot. It’s a very painful injury, but one that Gates keeps playing through. Now? He has a torn plantar fascia in his right foot. That is nothing to mess around with.

Between the two injuries, Gates is listed as doubtful this week against the Houston Texans. However, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune (perhaps the most important voice when it comes to the Chargers) thinks that Gates will indeed play this week.

“Antonio Gates walking pretty good as Chargers got ready to leave for walk-through. It’s a safe bet he plays. He’s never been stopped before,” Acee tweets.

He is expected to be a game-time decision in the absolute truest sense of the term, but he’s been a warrior in the past and I guess you have to give him every benefit of the doubt.

For fantasy owners, have a backup plan in place, but watch this situation closely up until game time.


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