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Game 7 Will Decide Everything for Miami Heat, LeBron James

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I understand that it can be more fascinating if he never wins a championship. If he never gets that coveted ring. I understand that it can be more fun to dissect his career a million times and fantasize the what-if scenarios in our heads.

But I am tired of LeBron James not winning it and HE seems to be tired of not winning it.

Maybe he finally gets it. I hope he does. He certainly got it right on Game 6 when he plastered the Boston Celtics with 45 points and 15 rebounds. Instead of mailing it in or getting afraid of the big moment or cruising through it, he seemed to be locked in like he was never locked in before. There was this laser focus. There was this killer instinct. There was this assassin's mentality. It was refreshing to see from LeBron... and it was about time. Even a drink that was thrown at him couldn't stop him (okay, maybe just a little... but be smarter, fans).

I hope he repeats this in Game 7. Instead of waiting to be handed a monicker or anything else, I want to see him take it. He shouldn't be entitled; I want to see him earn it just like every other superstar before him. I don't want to see him make a production out of everything. I don't want to see him make any other excuses. I just want to see him validate himself as the best basketball player in the game today. And how does he validate it? By focusing on the ring. By just concentrating on basketball. By giving it his ALL on basketball. No phantom elbow injuries. No disappearing acts. No cruising. It means sacrificing his body, giving an A+ effort, making his teammates better, and showing everyone that he IS the best. I don't want to see the guy that scored 8 points in the NBA Finals last season. I wanna see the guy that we saw in Game 6.

The guy that abruptly ended his press conference by saying, "See you Saturday,"? That's the player that I want. If he wins it all, he can FINALLY be appreciated for what he is. He can FINALLY win the respect of a lot of people that always (undeservedly) sell him short. He can FINALLY put a stop to all the lame 4 quarter and choke jokes out there. And he can FINALLY be the undisputed best player in the game.

After all is said and done, I don't wanna hear any what-if scenarios if he doesn't win. I want to put him in the debate of the greatest player in the game. And the only way he does that is if he destroys the rest of the playoffs and wins it all this season.

Prove it to all of us, LeBron. And prove it to yourself that you are indeed The Chosen One.

Demolish the rest of these Playoffs.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images.

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