Gamblers Bet Nearly $94 Million on Super Bowl XLVI Between Patriots and Giants

Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots brought in a pretty massive gambling intake for the good folks of Las Vegas. A historically good intake, in fact.

Four years ago Las Vegas sports books famously lost a reported $2.5 million when the Giants upset the up-to-that-point perfect Patriots to win their first championship in the Eli Manning Era. This time around, the powers that be were ready for the champs. Despite odds makers giving New England a puzzling three-point edge on the opposition going into the Super Bowl, Nevada’s sports books apparently walked away with over $5 million in winnings off the big game when all was said and done.

According to USA Today, gamblers bet a grand total of nearly $94 million across Nevada’s 184 legal sports books for last Sunday’s game. The total was good enough for second biggest over the last 10 years, and also a substantial uptick from the approximately $87 million brought in by Super Bowl XLV. The No. 1 spot in terms of gambling money generated remains intact though -- $94.5 million bet on Super Bowl XL back in 2006.

It’s worth noting, of course, that most of the gambling that occurs in relation to the Super Bowl is illegal. As such, the true total of money that changed hands as a result of Manning owning Gisele Bundchen’s husband for the second time in four years remains unknown.

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