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Funny Video: Basketball Trick Shot Goes Very, Very Wrong

The continued development of social media and various web-related garbage has opened the door for a lot of cool new things and innovations. Basketball trick shot videos are not one of those cool new things and innovations. No, basketball trick shots have now officially gone the way of cats riding skateboards and Illuminati music video breakdowns as one of those tired, ridiculously annoying wastes of time that the world be far better off without.

All of that being said, basketball trick shot blooper videos are still amazing. They are undoubtedly a prime example of American Exceptionalism, and if more political advertisements featured basketball trick shot bloopers instead of slanderous, mean-spirited character assassination attempts, people would be more inclined to vote. Just saying.

Here is an excellent example of a quality basketball trick shot blooper video (via The Big Lead):

Most Entertaining Trick Shot Yet - Watch More Funny Videos

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