Funny Photo: Now Playing for St. Louis Cardinals, "Minor League Guy"

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Spring training is a time when dozens of players no one has ever heard of invade every major league camp hoping to make some kind of impression; at the very least, they want to make their name known. Well, one St. Louis Cardinal farmhand has apparently failed to do even that.

During Saturday's game against the New York Mets, the Cards put in a pinch runner and the crew at Fox Sports Midwest clearly had no idea who he was because they called him "Minor League Guy" on screen:

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But even though he was wearing number 91, apparently he is no anonymous major league wannabe: SB Nation St. Louis writes:

This is no ordinary minor league guy, though: This is Oscar Taveras, who hit .386/.444/.584 in 78 games last year as a 19-year-old in the Midwest League.

.386! He's missed a lot of games with various slightly ominous injuries last year, but he also hit .386 and slugged .584 in the games he played. That's such dominance that Clay Davenport's MLE translations for it give him a line of .333/.379/.500. And he was a teenager in A-ball!

Still though, Taveras should work on raising his profile a bit.


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