Funny NBA Video: Greg Oden Gets Mistaken for Heat’s LeBron James


For what it’s worth, this mistake is completely and totally understandable. In fact, it’s a little shocking that this sort of confusion hasn’t become more common in recent years.

During a typical TMZ run-the-celebrity-down-and-annoy-them-to-no-end moment, they encountered one, Mr. Greg W. Oden. The former Ohio State phenom who was supposed to take the NBA by storm before an assortment of injuries, nude photo scandals and more injuries, got hit with the ultimate insult when the local TMZ camera boy had no idea who he was. If that wasn’t bad enough, though, said camera boy actually thought he was much-maligned Miami Heat superstar, LeBron James.

Come on, guy. LeBron would never be out at night, hanging out with the common folk who had to go back to their dreary, regular lives after he stopped blessing them with his fabulous Finals performances.

Check out the awkwardness, in all its glory below.


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