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Fun New York Knicks Facts to Keep in Mind

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  • That when the Knicks had an opportunity to cash in their young chips for a second star to join Amar’e Stoudemire, they should have either not done it, or executed a trade that would compliment the players and coaches they already had, and complimented the vision of the front office both from a talent perspective and cap management perspective.
  • That instead of executing a trade at all, they should have waited for free agency to sign a second star outright, especially since it could have been that same second star they wound up trading for.
  • That ownership shouldn’t undermine a competent management team and enable incompetent management teams.
  • That in addition to making a potentially (as evidenced by the Knicks’ middling record thus far) misguided trade, it was also a mistake to give the player they traded for and his representatives outsized influence over the direction of the franchise.
  • This is true with respect to the composition of the roster, the coaching staff, and the front office. It is never a good idea to let the inmates run the asylum, which a is a concept that is so commonplace it has rightfully become a cliché. The last time this happened was during the Isiah days, when the franchise ceded power to Stephon Marbury. The lesson was not learned.
  • That it was a mistake to take manna from heaven in the form of a second-year player with tremendous promise and cast it asunder for reasons unrelated to basketball, but related purely to finance and/or individual pride/distrust/ego.
  • That rare roster spots should not be awarded based on quid pro quo or de facto bribery. Many good players have emerged from the end of the bench since I have been a Knicks fan.
  • That there is no comparison between Patrick Ewing and Carmelo Anthony.

Feel free to bookmark this page and revisit it in several years. I remain a Knicks fan so I hope all of this is wrong.

Long live the Knicks. Long live James Dolan.

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