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Frenchman Races Mountain Bike Down French Alps, Sets World Record (Video)

Eric Barone set a new world speed record in mountain biking on March 28 by driving 138.75 mph down a mountainside for 2,300 feet.

Barone broke his previous world record of 2,000 feet at 138.1 mph in 2000.

A dramatic video (below) shows Barone flying down a mountain at the Vars ski resort in the French Alps.

According to, the temperature was 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but got down to minus 4 degrees with the wind chill factor. The wind was measured at 43 mph.

Barone, nicknamed the "Red Baron," had been preparing for the event for three years and rode a custom-made motorbike that cost more than $87,000.

Barone told the New York Daily News, “It is very special. You want to be there because of the adrenaline, and you don’t want to be there also.”

“I knew that I could accelerate a lot in the last (1,000 feet) but I had no clue of my real speed,” Barone added. “I had to wait 30 seconds for my colleague Mathias to know my speed.”

Sources:, New York Daily News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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