2011 NBA Free Agency: Do Nets Want Celtics Glen "Big Baby" Davis?


By Cory Bernstein

Why we want him: His nickname tells it all, Davis is big. One of the key character guys on he Celtics since his arrival in Boston, Big Baby has provided a swagger off of the bench, something The Nets sorely needed. He is immense, listed at 6’9 and 290 pounds, but could easily be 320. This brute size makes him tough for the smaller power forwards in the league to guard, and he is still big enough to play center with the second-teamers.

Davis is also a nightmare to defend because of his impressive range for power forward. As Mark Ginocchio of Nets Are Scorching said, Davis has impressive mid-range game, shooting over 43 percent from ten to fifteen feet away from the hoop. For a backup, this combination of size and touch makes him hard to defend. At only 25, Davis still has some years to get better, and the only thing holding him back of performing through a long-term deal is his weight.

Why we don’t: Simply put, Big Baby is a fat, worse version of Brook Lopez. The two could never play with each other because Lopez is just too similar to him. They both have abysmal rebounding numbers, with Davis averaging 5.4 a game this year. Both have nice, skilled mid-range games and are effective offensively. Having these two play with each other would be a disaster on the boards and defensively, both are not good defenders/rebounders. With Kendrick Perkins being traded, Davis had a chance to get more minutes in the playoffs than he had the last three years. However, he played absolutely terrible in this last series with Miami, averaging less than five points and four rebounds a game. The Nets would sign Davis to play big minutes and in crunch time, and his failure to do this in the playoffs definitely hurts his value to the Nets.

Final Verdict: It’s hard not to like Big Baby, but he fits nowhere on the Nets team. He is too similar to Brook Lopez for them to work together as a tandem. The terrible playoffs he had will certainly decrease his value on the open market, but he is still talented and will demand a nice chunk of change for his services. For what the Nets need, 5.4 rebounds and .4 blocks per game just are not going to cut it. He will cost too much to bring in as a backup, and he cannot play starter for this team. Despite The Nets struggles this year, Humphries and Lopez were able to compliment each other nicely, as Hump could rebound and defend the rim with the best of them, while Lopez could dominate offensively with his soft touch. Despite his size, Glen Davis is not a guy who can crash the boards, and that is what the Nets need to win.

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