Freddie Roach to Manny Pacquiao: No Sex for 10 Days Before the Juan Manuel Marquez Fight


Generally speaking, we know what Manny Pacquiao will be doing two weeks before his Dec. 8 showdown against Juan Manuel Marquez. He is going to be training hard. He is going to be sparring more. He is going to be monitoring his diet. And, of course, he is going to be studying how and why Marquez has given him so much trouble in the past.

By the same token, we also know what the Filipino champ will not be doing. What won’t he be doing? Having sex.

During a recent interview, legendary trainer Freddie Roach reaffirmed what he has said many times before: he doesn’t let his fighters get freaky 10 days before a big fight. He cites scientific evidence regarding testosterone reduction (which is questionable) as the main reason why. 

Interestingly enough, Pacquiao doesn’t actually abide by the no sex restrictions that Roach lays out. He has his own set, apparently. Check out what Complex wrote on this very subject just a year ago: Pac Man takes things one step further by reportedly abstaining for three weeks before his fights.

Now there is a fighter who cares about his craft.

(Kudos Bloody Elbow)

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